About us

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 There has been a medical practice in this area of Monkseaton since before the advent of the NHS in 1948.

 Dr Frazer lived in ‘the white house’ on Dale Road and practiced from there. I have talked to patients who could remember taking sixpence (2.5p) a month to the house to remain registered with the doctor.

 Later Dr Frazer bought 104 Cauldwell Lane and we worked from there when I first joined the practice.

 The back room was a consulting room, the kitchen the downstairs waiting room. The front room was the office. Upstairs was another waiting room (if you could get to it) and the back bedroom was a further consulting room.  The District Nurse operated from the box room and there was a board over the bath which had the typewriter on……..

 In 1986 we moved the 100m or so to ‘Monkseaton Medical Centre’ our first purpose built premises.

 Initially we rattled around in it, there was so much room, but, gradually General Practice has changed and space became increasingly tight, hence the move to our brand new extra large building, only 50m further down the road!

We now have in the region of 9000 patients.